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We start with neodymium magnets -- the strongest kind of permanent magnet made today -- and embed them in super-strong, durable, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) strips. Because the magnets are fully encapsulated, they will not rust.

Use & Care

Your Gooper product is waterproof to depths of 100 feet and greater.

Before submerging or using any electronic devices or hardware underwater, check the manufacturer's suggested use and recommendations to ensure the device can withstand the water pressure at the intended depth.

The magnets in the magnetic closure do not interfere with consumer electronics (cell phones, tablets, music players, cameras), memory cards, credit cards, money cards, and hard drives.

-Do not place the magnets in close proximity to a traditional compass, pacemaker, or other sensitive medical device.

-Keep the inner parts of Gooper's magnetic closure clean.

-Avoid sand, dirt or other foreign objects.

-After use in salt water, rinse your Gooper product with fresh water.

-Avoid exposing your Gooper product to temperatures higher than 140 °F (60 °C).

-When not using your Gooper product for more than one or two days, check the hermetic seal by placing a piece of paper or tissue inside the Gooper product and placing it in water for a few minutes.


Frequently Asked Question

Should I test the dry bag to check the seal before each use?
Yes. Insert something inside the bag that is disposable such as a tissue, then place it completely underwater for a few minutes to make sure the seal is watertight.

Will Gooper's magnetic closing device harm electronics?
No, although special attention should be given to the proximity of pacemakers and traditional compasses.

How deep in the water can I take the dry bag?
We have tested our dry bags successfully 50 meters under water, both with professional divers and in a pressure chamber.

Please note, that before you take your cell phones or cameras deep under water, make sure with the manufacturer that they can withstand the water pressure at the intended depth.

Will credit cards be affected?
No. Virtually all bank cards today are encoded on high coercivity stripes and are not affected by magnets.

Do touch screens work through the pouch?
Yes. You can use your device with all its functions, including talk, text and camera. Video under water turns out crystal clear.


Limited Warranty and Liability

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